Ceramic Coating Packages

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A Ceramic Coating Service will get your paint looking its best and lock in that shine guaranteed. The absolute best thing you can do to protect your auto investment. Call us today and get your custom quote!
At Flawless Detail we insist on providing the best products available to achieve top notch results. Over the years weve found 2 companies that have a consistent product line that provides exactly what is advertised. System X and OptiCoat are the two product lines that we offer. With several different levels of protection between them we can offer you the product that best suits your vehicle and driving habits.

The Ceramic Coating Packages Includes:

  • Foam Cannon wash to loosen dirt an debris
  • Hand wash head to toe
  • Wheels and Tires Detailed and prepped
  • Clay bar decon on all paint and glass
  • Paint wheels and trim Prep for installation
  • Application of Ceramic Coating to all paint, trim, and wheels
  • Opti Seal applied to protect coating during curing process
  • Glass Ceramic Coating applied to windshield
  • 1 Year Tire Coating applied to tires
  • Warranty is registered with CarFax


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