Wash and Wax

Prices starting at: $125

Is dirt sticking to your car? How long has it been since youve had your car waxed? In Texas, if you dont protect your paint, it is only a matter of time before mother nature ravages your paint. We use high quality polymer coatings to protect your paint from UV rays, hard water, iron deposits and leave your paint shining longer and brighter. This service is for maintaining a vehicle that has been properly taken care of. If you have oxidation or contaminants in your paint please call before scheduling.

The Wash and Wax Includes:

  • Hand Wash and Dry
  • Tires Cleaned and Dressed
  • Wheels Cleaned and Sealed
  • Bug and Tar removal
  • 2 Bucket Wash with ph balanced soap
  • Long Lasting Polymer Coating Applied to paint
  • Optional Interior Services