OptiGuard Ceramic Leather Coating

Prices starting at: $499

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is a leather and acrylic vinyl resin providing superior car leather care. Its hydrophobic coating, mixed with concentrated UV absorbers, promises car leather protection throughout your vehicle interior. Upon application, a strong yet flexible coating is created on the surface of your auto leather. Because of this, Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl protects leather car seats and dashboards from early aging and cracking. Also, it prevents other damage such as color transfer and staining. This provides protection for both leather and vinyl surfaces in your vehicle. OptiGuard Leather is guaranteed for 3 years. While we coat your leather why not get your plastic trim coated and protected as well!

The OptiGuard Ceramic Leather Coating Includes:

  • Leather is Cleaned and Prepped
  • OptiGurad Leather Applied to all Leather
  • 45 Minute Cure Time